Blind Mother, Inspirational Speaker and YouTuber

A snapshot of who I am.

Sirena Rayleeta Lind barreled onto the social media scene in late 2018, with a burning desire to teach and inspire the individuals her words touched. Born with Leber’s congenital amaurosis (LCA), a rare genetic eye disease that rendered her legally blind, she gradually lost her usable vision over the course of her life, with the most drastic loss occurring the year she turned fourteen, after cateract surgery that did more harm than good. Now, at thirty two, she is almost completely blind, while simultaneously seeing the world more clearly than she ever did with sight.

As a child, visual limitations were not the only challenge Sirena had to contend with on a daily basis. Adopted at six months of age, she grew up in a volatile home environment which darkened further after her father’s death when she was thirteen. Her disability often rode shotgun with the hurdles she had to leap over the next two decades, each one serving as both mold and kiln to shape Sirena into the woman she is today. A surviver of physical, mental and emotional abuse, teenage years of shunning by her peers due to her blindness, sexual assault, the mental health system, unfettered discrimination, relentless rejection from the work force due to her blindness and more, Sirena has chosen a path of inspiration rather than one of despair.

“When I brought my daughter into the world in 2012, I held the future in my arms. All I have gone through and all I have learned, I want to pass on to her,” she states. “I want to show this world that there are worse things than blindness one can experience and overcome, and how my blindness even played a role in that ascension.”

Stopping with one child was not enough for Sirena. Deciding that her story and experiences might benefit and inspire others into never giving up, no matter what challenges they face, she was spurred into doing what she is today. While her dream is still evolving into a reality, her passion for its culmination will never wane.


Fix. Reveal. Enfold. Eradicate.

Fix your mind on the aspects of life you can change.

Reveal those changes to the ones who need to know they are not alone.

Enfold in your words those who yearn for someone to hold on to.

Eradicate that which threatens to blind your listeners to the beauty within each of them.”

Visit Sirena’s YouTube channel to immerse yourself in all she wishes to share with the world.