Video: October YouTuber Of The Month

Everyone deserves to be heard. I began this YouTuber Of The Month series because I wanted to share with you the content creators I find a lot of value in watching.

Birthday Celebration Video! The YouTuber Interview Tag

Here’s a second upload for the week; it’s my way of celebrating my birthday with you beautiful Treasures. I’ve chosen to complete the YouTuber Interview Tag since I posted a tag video for my last birthday upload.

Video: 100 Tips On Interacting With A Blind Person [Part 2]

My next YouTube video has dropped, my Treasures. Building up accountability again is going to be an uphill battle, but I intend to show up each week until consistency is once more regained. Any and all support is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Keep gleaming, my Treasures, and remember that everything is right about you.

100 Tips On Interacting With A Blind Person [Part 2]

Celebrating 100 subscribers, part 2! Blind Mother lists tips and advice for interacting with the blind community.

Click here for part 1!

Video: What Is A Technology Assessment And Why Did I Need Mine?

✌️ My video editing program finally surrendered the file! Better late than never!

Join me, my beautiful Treasures, as I speak of my most recent technology assessment and take you along for some very brief glimpses of the out and about aspects of it.

Now, as it is exactly 12:03AM and I’ve been fighting with this video since before noon, goodnight, my lovelies.

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Watch It Here!

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