Video: The Parenting With Disabilities Tag

Parenting with disabilities is not always what it seems to the outside world. In this video, I answer many of the questions I’ve received as a blind parent, all of them compiled into the Parenting With Disabilities tag. Even if you yourself haven’t been tagged, if you want to complete it, please do! Link back to this video if you’d like to, but definitely comment with a link to your own response, written, audio recorded or filmed, so I can enjoy your answers.

Parenting With Disability Tag Questions

1. Was becoming a parent intentional for you?
2. What would you say is the most challenging part about being a disabled parent?
3. Was there ever a point where you doubted you could cope due to your disability?
4. Were your friends and family supportive of your choice to become a parent?
5. Do you use any specialized equipment to make parenting tasks easier?
6. Did child services ever get involved in your parenting journey?
7. What is one pro of parenting with a disability?
8. What is one con of parenting with a disability?
9. Do you find it easy or difficult to connect with non-disabled parents?
10. What are some values you’ve taught your children that you feel stem from your disability?
11. Do you talk to your children about your disability?
12. If your children are school aged, do you find school staff to be comfortable and open-minded about your disability?
13. Have your children ever displayed embarrassment about your disability? If so, how did you handle it?
14. Depending on your childrens’ ages, what stage of development presented the least number of disability-related challenges?
15. Were you ever frightened by the prospect of your child inheriting your disability?
16. Are there aspects of parenting with a disability you feel would be less fulfilling without one?
17. Do you encourage your child to assist you with tasks your disability renders more challenging?
18. In what ways, if any, does your child interact with you differently due to your disability?
19. What lessons have you learned through parenting with a disability?
20. What advice would you offer a disabled individual who is considering becoming a parent?

Talk about it!

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