Begging Your Indulgence Due To WordPress Inaccessibility

My Treasures,

It’s been a while since I’ve sent you beautiful people a note without a video attached, but I wanted to regarding this.

I want to beg your indulgence if updates appear to be lacking some of the formatting or featured images they once used to harbor. After returning, I discovered that the post editor is nearly inaccessible to my screen reader.

WordPress gutted the classic editor, rendering it quite difficult to use without sighted assistance. The old WordPress editor was clean and easy for my screen reader to follow. No blocks, no code editors, and a layout that was simple to interact with. I’ve enabled what settings I can to combat this, but the end result is a lot of clutter and frustration.

I’m on a hunt for tips and tricks and tools I may not currently be aware of. I could use the mobile editor for now, but there are many options that are simply not available there. Even finding the publish button is a challenge now.

I want to ensure each post is as ideal as it can be, and I don’t feel I can deliver that right now. But I am trying.

You are all wonderful, and I appreciate the support of every one of you. Thanks for understanding this new hurdle, and I’ll keep you updated on my progress as I go.

Talk about it!

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