Video: She Patted My Bum And Sent Me On My Way!

This video brings this post to life!

My Treasures, please forgive the minor flubs with the video and audio quality of this video. I’m working with a new program for mixing that will hopefully cut down the time once I’m not such a newb at using it. I kept the flubs because this is just the reality of being a blind YouTuber who doesn’t have visual help during the editing process itself. Besides, they’re quirky, the visual flubs, and they sorta work for this insane video!

I’m just rollin’ with it, guys. If there are too many issues, I’ll re-edit and re-upload.

Now, to the video! Yes, this happened. All I can say is this. Never. Ever. Do this to a blind person. Or, you know, anyone. LOL!

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Until next time, my \Treasures, I bid you a fond adieu.

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