Video: Ten Positives of Blindness

I’ve been reading my heart sister’s Safe Space blog, and it’s beauty and success has made me want to take a good, hard look at this one.

I know I’ve not written much to all of you of late, and even before I was forced into an unexpected video hiatus, it was difficult to do both. I would like to begin again, though I would like to post here only the important things in words. The things people want to see. So please forgive me, my Treasures, if you see this blog undergoing some purging and tweaking in the days to come. Much of it might not be noticeable from off site, but just in case.

For now, I hope you enjoy my latest video where I speak about the ten positives of blindness.

While blindness does present its challenges, it isn’t all leaping hurtles and facing hardships. Sometimes, it can be downright beautiful, not to mention convenient.

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Until next time, my \Treasures, I bid you a fond adieu.

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