Why I Call You My Treasures

An open treasure chest rests against a white background. The word 'treasure' is scribed in cursive upon a white plaque set before it. The treasures within it consist of a blue seahorse, pink stones, purple stones, colorful necklaces and gold coins.

Hello there, my Treasures. This is a short post about why I refer to you all by that endearment. It’s a question I’ve been asked a few times, so here I am to explain it.

At six months old, I was adopted with my sister into a very volatile home environment. I’ll expound more on living that way and how it shaped me in upcoming posts, podcasts and videos. Suffice it to say that while I do have positive childhood memories, even the most treasured are tinged with fear, because we never knew when our adoptive mother would have a bad day or moment and the rest of us would pay the price.

The tables have turned, and I’m the one standing in the mommy role. My daughter is the most precious treasure God has blessed me with, and I ensure she knows it in the way I never did.

We are all of us treasures. We may not have always been told. We may have even been conditioned to believe the opposite of this truth. We may not always feel like much more than a lump of mined coal. But we are incredible. I am. You are. We are all precious.

I recognize that, and so I call it as it is, my Treasures. Revel in being what you are, because I revel in having you here with me.

And remember, if you have any questions or requests for future posts / podcasts / videos, please feel free to let me know either by using this site’s contact form, by sending me an email at SirenaRayLind@gmail.com, or by mentioning me on Twitter with the hashtag #TalkAboutItRena.

If you read many blogs from different blogging platforms on Bloglovin, please feel free to add mine as well!

Until next time, my \Treasures, I bid you a fond adieu.

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